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Computer Coding for Kids (9780241317730)

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Dorling Kindersley
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Carol Vorderman
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About Computer Coding for Kids

Kids can take their first steps towards becoming expert computer programmers with this fully-updated guide to coding for beginners. Theyll master Scratch 3.0, the brand-new version of the worlds most popular coding language for beginners. This will let them discover what makes a computer work while learning how to build their own computer programs and games.

Once theyre Scratch experts, its onto the more complex Python programming language to delve even deeper into the technology that surrounds us every day. Computer Coding for Kids uses a simple, visual layout to guide budding programmers step by step through the ins and outs of computer code, from algorithms to variables, even showing them how to find and fix bugs in their code. Before you know it, theyll be creating their own programs from scratch.

It doesnt stop there, though. If Scratch and Python have got them hooked, theres a peek at binary and JavaScript to show them where their coding career could be heading next. This book also lifts the lid on computers and shows young readers the chips and processors that make technology come to life. Fully illustrated with funny and informative graphics, Computer Coding for Kids makes even the most difficult aspects of coding fun and easy to understand.

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