First body book

Код товара: 100038510
Miles Kelly
Количество страниц
267 x 267 мм
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для девочек, для мальчиков
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First Body Book is a head-to-toe adventure through the human body for young learners aged 5+. Each spread explores a new body system with colourful anatomical illustrations Simple text, labelled diagrams, activity panels and fun characters encourage learning Includes an amazing human body poster, stored away at the front of the book. We are proud to add this new title to our popular First Reference range. First Body Book's fresh, bold look and clear diagrams make it appealing to visual learners. Children can work their way through each body system, passing quirky characters and bonus activities along the way which add a new dimension to their learning experience. The book comes complete with a large human body poster which displays all the body systems working together, an educational addition to a child's bedroom wall that they will love.

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