Код товара: 22236
My Question and Answer Library - набор из 20 книг

My Question and Answer Library - набор из 20 книг

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  • Производитель: Miles Kelly
  • Язык Английский
  • Количество страниц 480
  • Переплет Мягкий
  • Размер 202 x 155 мм
  • ISBN 978-1786174536
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This attractive box set contains a collection of 20 individual books to introduce children to the world around them. Every spread is headed up with an intriguing question, the sort likely to be asked by inquisitive little learners, and answered in a simple, understandable way. Cartoons, diagrams and photographs are dotted around smaller questions helping to break down the concept. There’s an activity on every page to keep learning fun!

My Question and Answer Library Box Set contains 20 non-fiction books, packed with fun facts in a Q&A format, for children aged 5+ to enjoy.

  • 20 popular topics such as baby animals, bugs, plants and weather
  • Fascinating bite-sized facts and activity panels to encourage learning
  • Eye-catching photos and images are interspersed with charming cartoons

Titles in the Set: Baby animal, Bear, Big Cats, Birds of Prey, Cats and kittens, Coral Reef, Deadly Creatures, Dogs and Puppies, Elephants, Endangered animals, Horses and Ponies, Human Body, Jungle, Monkey and apes, Oceans, Penguins, Planet Earth, Plants, Science, Seashore.

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