Набор 20 книг My First Phonics Reading Library [Usborne]

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Created in consultation with reading experts, this engaging phonics-based series is specially written to help your child learn to read. Not only are the stories great fun, but they also draw on the latest research into really effective ways of teaching reading.

This set contains 20 books with notes for parents and teachers and free online audio. The QR code of this audio file: follow the on-line streamline story file, want to listen to American pronunciation? Learn English pronunciation? It is up to you! Natural pronunciation: carefully select similar phonology, train children to be familiar with the link of “letter and sound”, and lay the foundation for literacy and reading.

Fun story: 20 animal stories, the content is warm and exciting, the illustrations are lively and lively, making the process of learning English easy and fun! Produced by quality: This set of books is printed by British high-quality publishing house Usborne. It is specially designed for children, easy to understand, and easy to read. Value books: Encourage children to listen more and read more, practice letters spelling. Familiar with the English pronunciation rules, read the words will read.

Titles in this book set:

  • Ape's great escape
  • Lizard in a blizzard
  • Spider in a glider
  • Seal at the wheel
  • Snail brings the mail
  • Raccoon on the moon
  • Bee makes tea
  • Llamas in pajamas
  • Goat in a boat
  • Underpants for ants
  • Mole in a hole
  • Kangaroo at the zoo
  • Bug in a rug
  • Chimp with a limp
  • Hyena Ballerina
  • Giraffe in the bath
  • Flamingo plays bingo
  • Croc gets a shock
  • Crow in the snow
  • Cow takes a bow
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