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Say Hello! Level 2. Playbook

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Say Hello Level 2 is the second level in a new two-level Kindergarten English course for four- to five-year-olds. The course is written by Judy West, who has extensive experience in both teaching and writing materials for young learners. Say Hello Level 2 is based around two engaging characters Tom and Polly together with their friends Ben the Bear and Mimi the Monkey. At the heart of the methodology lies an emphasis on child-centred activities, and the puppet of Ben the Bear plays a key part in these. Learning is introduced through a range of short and lively activities, these include listening and speaking, listening and pointing, singing and chanting, and playing games involving simple responses in English. The songs, chants and games that feature throughout the course provide opportunities for repetition, enable pupils to try out the language in a fun and secure way, and encourage interaction and movement. Each unit also offers opportunities for colouring, tracing and a craft activity, encouraging participation and manual dexterity.

In Level 2 the alphabet A-Z and the numbers 1-20 are introduced throughout, while vocabulary learning is aided by a picture dictionary and board games. Say Hello Level 2 Flashcards is a boxed set of 63 A5 double-sided, full-colour flashcards featuring letters, numbers, colours, characters and vocabulary from Say Hello Level 2 on one side and words on the other. Say Hello comprises easy-to-teach material and at both levels includes a comprehensive Teacher's book with excellent support for less experienced teachers of English. There are detailed lesson by lesson guides including lesson aims, warm ups, games, extension ideas, home activity suggestions and teaching tips. Additional teacher resources include a Multi-ROM of the Audio materials and a range of Interactive Whiteboard materials, and a pack of flashcards. The Ben the Bear Puppet is available in the Level 1 Flashcards pack.

Components: Pupil's Book Level 2 (ISBN 9781905085767) consists of 10 units, each unit containing eight lessons. Also feature a picture dictionary and board games; Playbook Level 2 (ISBN 9781905085774) ISBN includes twenty pages of fun games, puzzles, drawing and colouring activities, plus a 10 page insert in thicker card with craft objects to cut and make; Teacher's Book Level 2 (ISBN 9781905085781) with Multi-Rom of Audio materials and Interactive Whiteboard software; and Level 2 Pack of 63 A5 full-colour, double-sided flashcards. (ISBN 9781905085835).

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