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Some Rain Must Fall and Other Stories - Canons (Michel Faber)

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131 x 197 мм
Michel Faber
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The debut work, a short story collection from the bestselling, critically acclaimed author of Under the Skin, The Crimson Petal and the White and The Book of Strange New Things.Michel Fabers short stories reveal an extraordinarily vivid imagination, a deep love of language and an adventurous versatility. Playful, yet profoundly moving, wickedly satirical yet sincerely humane, these tales never fail to strike unexpected chords. Some Rain Must Fall juxtaposes the tragic circumstances of traumatised schoolchildren with the interior monologue of a teacher/psychologist enlisted to aid their recovery. In the pseudo-sci-fi Fish a mother tries to protect her child in a terrifying world where fish swim through the streets and lurk in alleyways. Fabers collection is rich and assured, with a dazzling reach.
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