Ultimate LEGO Star Wars

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The definitive, encyclopedia guide to the LEGO® Star Wars™galaxy, showcasing the vast collection of LEGO Star Wars sets and minifigures released over the last 20 years. Comes in a slipcase with two exclusive prints*.

This is a complete, unrivalled encyclopedia of the LEGO Star Wars theme. Fans will have an all-encompassing companion to the LEGO Star Warscultural phenomenon. Produced in large format and featuring beautiful imagery, this is an indispensable guide for young fans and a stunning reference work for adults. With behind-the-scenes material, it tells the complete story of LEGO Star Wars, from the earliest concepts in the late 1990s to the creation of the most recent sets for The Force Awakens™ and Rogue One™. Created with the LEGO Star Wars team and presented in a stunning slipcase with two exclusive prints.

*Exclusive prints and slipcase are only available for the UK edition of this book (ISBN 9780241288443). The prints are Minifigure development art for a First Order Flametrooper (SKU 75166) and Classic Aayla Secura (SKU 75182).

Sections of the book are: Characters and creatures, locations, and vehicles and equipment.

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