Ultimate Sticker Book Animals

Код товара: 100041201
Dorling Kindersley
Количество страниц
280 x 217 мм
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для девочек, для мальчиков
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For kids who love stickers and animals, this is the ultimate sticker book.

It's filled with incredible wildlife, from mammals to fish, and over 250 reusable stickers! Little ones will love learning all about their favourite animals and placing the stickers on the pages where they think they should go. The stickers are easy to peel, re-usable, and perfect for little fingers! Explore the Animal World Ultimate Sticker Book Animals is the perfect way to engage your child with fun facts and interactive reading.

Inside this fascinating animal-themed activity book, you'll find:

- Over 250 reusable stickers that are easy to peel and stick to pages or other surfaces

- Fun facts, puzzles and quizzes for kids to learn about the animal kingdom as they play

- Gorgeous photos and illustrations that will captivate and engage children.

This colourful activity book keeps kids engaged and learning as they play. Bright photos and stunning illustrations transport children into desserts, jungles, and grasslands! They're challenged to find the correct stickers to fill in the blanks in the images. Kids can also get creative and craft their own scenes out of different stickers, there's no end to where their imagination can take them! Alongside the pictures are bite-sized descriptions and information that is easy to read and suitable for children 5 years and up. They will learn about the world's diverse and magical animal kingdom, from pandas and tigers to orangutans and lemurs. This animal-themed sticker book inspires budding zoologists to explore the outside world and learn more about different types of animals, where they live, and what they eat. The book is divided into the different continents of the world, providing children with an introduction to geography, too. There's also a quiz so you and your pre-schooler can read and engage together.

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